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What's Title Insurance?

When you purchase a home or an apartment, you are really purchasing the right to occupy and use the space allotted in the agreement.

Protect your home!!

With comprehensive Real Property Title and settlement services on local, state and national levels,

Products and Services

With comprehensive Real Property Title and settlement services on local, state and national levels, Reliance Title services the legal and lending communities, as well as developers, government agencies, municipalities and homeowners. A proactively involved company, we aim to providing realistic and inspired solutions to title problems that are of the highest profile and for the most complex transactions.

One of our primary products is Title Insurance. This is aimed at protecting both the lender and property owner. Reasons why it is an essential component of any real estate transaction is

  • Protection from any loss that results from inaccurate searches.

  • Guarantees the property from invalidity or lack of enforceability of mortgage liens.

Protects the policyholder against risks such as forged deed or illegal property claims.

We aim to provide you with fast, accurate information that enables you, or your client, to make sound business decisions. With consistent and competitive turnaround time, we continually strive to help you meet your deadlines.

We help you collect and set up all necessary documentation to provide the Title Insurance for you. Here's what Reliance Title can do for you!

Preliminary Certificate of Title Insurance (Title Reports):

  • Tax Searches

  • Survey Order, Survey Locate, Survey Inspections

  • Bankruptcy Searches (individual and corporate)

  • Corporate Status Searches:

  • Certificates of Good Standing

  • Franchise Tax Search

  • Certificates of Incorporation

  • Partnership Certificates

  • Coop Searches

  • UCC Searches

Municipal Searches as Required by Lender:

  • Housing and Building Violations Searches

Title Insurance Policies Issued:

  • Fee (Ownership)

  • Polices Loan (Mortgage)

  • Policies Modification, Extension and Assignment Policies

  • Leasehold Policies Building

  • Loan Policies (with five free run-downs)

  • Subordinate Mortgage Policies (Limited Liability)

  • Short Form Polices Toepp Polices

Post Closing Services:

  • Full Period Search without Insurance

  • Attorney Search (Last Owner and Open Lien Search)

  • Last Owner (last deed of record) Search

  • Open Mortgage Search

  • County Name Searches (judgments, federal tax liens and UCC Financing Statements)

  • Individual or Corporate

Corporate Status Searches - Secretary of State Level:

  • Real Estate Tax Searches with Assessment Information

  • Certified Copies of Recorded Documents

  • Copies of Filed Maps

  • Bankruptcy Searches (Individual or Corporate)

  • Covenants, Restrictions and Easement Searches

  • Mechanics' Liens Searches

  • Litigation Searches

  • Variance Searches

  • Municipal Searches (See above)

  • Recording/Filing Services

Escrow and Settlement Services

  • Settlement Date Co-ordination

  • HUD 1 Statement Preparation

  • Funds Disbusement according to HUD 1 and Lenders Instruction

  • 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges