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What is Title Insurance?

When you purchase a home or an apartment, you are really purchasing the right to occupy and use the space allotted in the agreement.


Closing Process Explained

Closing Process or settlement as it is known in some parts of the United States is when the title to the property is transferred from the...

About Us

Reliance Title is your one stop shop for all real estate insurance requirements. Providing you with a reliable title insurance that delivers accurate real estate information, Reliance lives up to its name. You can trust us to give you the best possible protection against costly risks when making huge investments.

Reliance Title provides title insurance for all types of residential and commercial transactions. Besides this, Reliance Title is totally customer oriented. We do all related searches on our customer's behalf to protect against possible fraudulent transactions. If you are a new entrant into the real estate field, look no further than the Reliance Title.

Growing steadily since its inception, Reliance Title is firmly committed to targeted growth in the highly competitive US realty market.

Reliance Title has learned the way to the customer's heart through unmatched customer satisfaction - superior service, high standards and proven steadiness. Excellence in education and employee accountability guarantees a satisfied customer. We are dedicated to serve the needs of attorneys, legal advisors and real estate professionals throughout the nation.

Protect your home!!

Today home owners are flooded with various insurance options for their dream house, such as home insurance, fire insurance, theft insurance, flood cover insurance, etc. But what if your very property is at risk due to an unclear title? Your financial investment in your home will be threatened! We, at Reliance Title, aim at providing you with best possible care to protect you of such situations.